Creating A Potential Future With RHB Malaysia

RHB MY: Our Historical past, Honours, and Contributions

Our motto at RHB is “Together, We Progress”. This is correct for the dedication to helping Malaysia and its people on the finance and business banking entry. The official RHB Banking Group My has been available since 1999, but our banks have been completely running for much longer. Now we have won various honours, such as Bursa Excellence Awards. Our primary merchandise is our banking, insurance plan, travel insurance and property investment services.

Personal Banking Methods at RHB

Find an account that is versatile and suits your preferences with RHB. Making an RHB credit card application also comes with perks, similar to borrowing limit increases or instalment transaction plans. RHB also has loan services, which you’ll find flexible and thorough. Additionally, we have distinctive RHB insurance plans suitable for you and your loved ones.

Investments with RHB

We also boost you to definitely take steps to develop your own wealth right here at RHB. There are many alternatives to choose from private retiring plans to trading and investing products! Our remittance services help you send money in a foreign currency at competitive rates. Protecting this prosperity is important- this is exactly why we have now numerous safe deposit box possibilities for you to help keep important documents.

RHB Bank

Organization Accounts at RHB

Insurance policies are essential to any company, especially towards any events which could affect your enterprise or perhaps in caseworkers are injured. Just be sure you and your business are protected by RHB insurance. Opening a business banking account with RHB can also be straightforward, in support of takes one day. RHB may even give you support with loans on your business.

RHB Business Consumer banking Options

RHB looks at itself your companion in your business ventures- not only your bank! Your online business will likely take advantage of the advice that our professionals offers, on both investment strategies along with trade finance services. These can help you improve your small business to accomplish its full potential, and become much more profitable.

Islamic Banking Options at RHB

Islamic banking differs from conventional banking, as it follows Syariah laws to make an established profit-sharing agreement for both borrowers and lenders. Both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers are welcome to request Islamic banking. The main advantages of this are that each client is completed fairly, then there is also a more reasonable distribution of money.

Benefits of RHB Now Banking

Internet banking has become more vital than in the past inside our modern times. That is why we’ve come up with RHB Now Banking, a service given that helps you securely look at your account balance, transfer money, or pay your bills all in the ease and comfort of your own phone or laptop.

Why Opt for RHB?

Want to do your banking without fuss or hassle? RHB stands out as the bank available for you. With our versatile options, you can manage your entire consumer banking needs in one location! Our experts and customer care office are also offered to reply to any inquiries you could have. Take a look at RHB’s website for more information about travel insurance: